Binance Account Locked or Google 2FA backup code problem ? Here is what to do

  • Is your Binance account is locked?
  • or Binance Google 2FA Authentication is not working
  • or you lost key of Binance Google 2FA authentication
  • And you can not get any help from Binance team!
    This post will help you to solve your problem

Binance Google 2FA is not working or locked account

Many users of Binance are having trouble of Account locked or 2FA is not working. And when they try to contact Binance team for resolve the problem, They do not get any response for many days. It even happened with me too. I was scared for a time that maybe I lost my BTC. But there is another way to contact Binance team to solve your problem. They solved my porblem within hour. Here what you have to do.

If you have already created ticket. Then skip process of "create ticket" and follow the another way of contact Binance team.

Create ticket

  1. Login to your Binance account
  2. Create a ticket of your problem by click this link "Submit a request (You can find this link in Binace Support > FAQ > Specific FAQ - How to reset 2FA > Click on  "Have more questions? Submit a request” )
  3. Select type of your problem.
  4. Fill all required information
Your ticket has been created, and you will receive email from Binance team with ticket number.
Now reply to Binance support email with following details.

1st pic: Passport cover OR Front side of a legal ID card.
2nd pic: Information page in passport with your picture OR back side of ID card
3rd pic: Selfie with your face, with your request written by hand including the date *month/day/year* and exact time, while holding your ID

And wait for 24 hours to get reply from Binance. If you do not get any response for more then 24 hour then follow another way to contact Binance team

Another way to contact Binance support team

  1. You need to download & Install Telegram App in your device.
  2. Click on this Link and it will open group of Binance Support Team with the other members.
  3. Join the group
  4. Send your ticket number and problem like account blocked or Google 2FA is not working.
  5. Wait for a few hour and you will receive email of your problem solved. 
  6. If still problem not solved. You will find Binance support members in the group who can help you. So send them message personally on Telegram

Remember you never have to share your any personal detail such as 2FA key or password or not even send any amount of any currency to any address for assistance in case its a SCAM. They will solve problem just from your Ticket Number.

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